Monday, May 18, 2020

The Explorers' Club, № DCCL

Operation AXIOM: Destination Moon—The 51st Anniversary of Apollo 10, Part I
18 May 1969: Apollo 10 lifted off from Florida's Kennedy Space Center, carrying Commander Tom Stafford, Command Module Pilot John Young, & Lunar Module Pilot Gene Cernan aboard the Command & Service Module Charlie Brown atop a Saturn V rocket also carrying the Lunar Module Snoopy; Apollo 10 launched from Kennedy's Launch Complex 39B, instead of the usual LC-39A.

Bonus! Moonshot Songs o' the Day: Apollo 10
James Darren, "Come Fly with Me" from This One's from the Heart (Space Cadet Mike Papa Whiskey)

"Come fly with me,
Let's fly, let's fly away…"

National Aeronautics & Space Administration, "Apollo 10 Excerpt 1" from The Apollo Missions (Space Cadet Mike Papa Whiskey)

Commentary: "What a ride, babe! What a ride!"

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