Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Explorers' Club, № DCCXLVIII

Operation AXIOM: The 30th Anniversary of Disaster Transport
For a summer 1990 opening, Cedar Point's bobsled roller coaster Avalanche Run (1985-1989) was enclosed & revamped & reopened as Disaster Transport, within the ride's spaceflight storyline a contraction of "Dispatch Master Transport;" after three decades of neglected maintenance & closing down whenever rain fell (despite being an enclosed ride), Disaster Transport was demolished in 2012.

Commentary: Disaster Transport holds a curiously large emotional significance for all of us in the Blue Tree Whacking creative collective as the namesake of our second band, Murky Transport Disaster, & M.T.D.'s sole album, The Murky Transport Disaster Disaster Transport Transport Disaster.

Bonus! Song o' Disaster Transport
Blink-182, "Rollercoaster" from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (Mike Papa Whiskey)

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