Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Rebel Black Dot Song of the Lord's Day: Eastertide

Melanie Rea, "This Is Jesus" from It Is Well (The Last Angry Man)

"This is Jesus, Emmanuel,
God is with us in this sacrament,
Come receive Him, adore Him,
This is Jesus our Lord.

"Bright star of David, radiance of God,
Now become the Living Bread, the Body of the Lord,
Come in adoration, receive with trembling hands,
The Sacrament Most Holy, the banquet of the Lamb…

"Priest of highest honor, king, and sovereign Lord,
Unblemished Lamb of sacrifice, Your very life outpoured,
Royal paschal victim, true begotten Son,
Offered as our ransom, by the Holy One…"

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