Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Code Name: CHAOS

As I was trekking across the parking lot toward Holy Family to attend Mass this evening, a girl exited her motorcar & greeted me as if we'd met before. She apologized for not remembering my name, but after I introduced myself as Mike she made it clear she'd never before known that: She would have remembered "Mike," since her husband, her brother, & her father are all Mikes. No worries, I pretend to recognize persons all the time, especially when they known my name & I don't know them from Adam. She in turn introduced herself as Lyric. I was uncertain of the spelling, but she later added, "As in music." So, yeah, Lyric.

I was favoring "Lyric" as the spelling of her name, but also thought about alternatives, chief among which was some variation of Lear—as in King Lear or Learjet—& the suffix "ik"—common to a great many names, like Frederick, Patrick, & Henrik, with a great many variations in spelling. Something like Learik, or more probably or Learyk. Awful, I know. So, yeah, Lyric.

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