Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bonus! Narwhal Song of the Day

Aaron Burnett, "Narwhal" via iTunes (from Canadian Critters) (The Last Angry Man)

"If you've never heard of a narwhal then listen up right now,
Smaller than an elephant, much larger than a cow,
Swims in the Arctic Ocean where the water is so cold,
Listen now as I tell you, his story must be told.

"Lives in groups or five or more, most often called a pod,
Doesn't have a dorsal fin, for a whale that may seem odd,
Has a sleek, compact body to help keep in the heat,
Fluke seems to be on backward, like shoes on the wrong feet.

"The narwhal has a long, thin tooth that grows out of his snout,
It's really just a big old tooth, but it gives him lots of clout,
Lives in the Arctic waters, just a happy little whale,
Very little is known of him, so I thought I'd share this tale.

"Feeds on squid and shellfish, seems to really like his shrimp,
From looking at his blubber you'd have to say he doesn't scrimp,
Must watch out for walruses or a hungry polar bear,
An orca will make a meal of him if he's caught unaware…"

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