Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Project BLACK MAMBA: Eastertide

'Tis the festival of Saint Pachomius, Abbot (circa 290-348, A.K.A the Great, of Tabenna): Saint-link & Wikipedia-link.

Scripture of the Day
Mass Readings—Easter Weekday
The Acts of the Apostles, chapter eleven, verses nineteen thru twenty-six;
Psalm Eighty-seven, verses one(b), two, & three; four & five; & six & seven;
The Gospel according to John, chapter ten, verses twenty-two thru thirty.

Commentary: Easter Gospel reflection by Bishop Robert Barron (Word on Fire):
Friends, in today’s Gospel, Jesus explains why his sheep listen to him and follow him. They do so because he is leading them to eternal life. He says, “I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish.” The life of heaven, where we “shall never perish,” is that place where death and sickness have no power over us, where we see God face to face.

Heaven and earth are always connected in the Biblical imagination, that’s true. But heaven should never be reduced to earth, as though religion is just about this-worldly ethics, social justice, or psychological well-being. No, the Christian faith is about a journey beyond this world to the heavenly Jerusalem.

Everything in Christian life—from our ethical behavior, to prayer, to the liturgy, to the works of justice—all of it is meant to conduce to that end. So listen to the voice of the shepherd and follow him wherever he goes.
God's Comic
You've done it again, Eye of the Tiber: E.O.T.T.-link.

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Thursday, 9 March was the festival of Saint Catherine of Bologna, Virgin & Abbess, O.S.C. (1413-1463): Saint-link & Wikipedia-link.

Commentary: Wayback Machine.

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