Saturday, July 23, 2016


'Tis the Optional Memorial of Saint Bridget, Religious, O.Ss.S. (1303-1373, A.K.A. of Sweden), foundress of the Bridgettines, formally the Order of the Most Holy Savior: Saint-link ūna, Saint-link duae, & Wikipedia-link; Wikipedia-link O.Ss.S..

Commentary: Wayback Machine. Quoth the Holy Redeemer bulletin:
She was a mystic, a saint, & founder of the Bridgettine nuns & monks ater the death of her husband. A distinctive feature of the pre-Reformation houses of the Order was that they were double monasteries, with both men & women forming a joint community, though with separate cloisters. They were to live in poor convents & to give all surplus income to the poor. However, they were allowed to have as many books as they pleased!
'Tis also the feast of Saint John Cassian, Deacon (circa 360-435): Saint-link & Wikipedia-link.

Scripture of the Day
Mass Readings
The Book of Jeremiah, chapter seven, verses one thru eleven;
Psalm Eighty-four, verses three thru six(a), eight(a), & eleven;
The Gospel according to Matthew, chapter thirteen, verses twenty-four thru thirty;

or, for St, Bridget:
The Letter to the Galatians, chapter two, verses nineteen & twenty;
Psalm Thirty-four, verse two;
or, Psalm Thirty-four, verse nine;
The Gospel according to John, chapter fifteen, verses one thru eight.

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