Saturday, June 17, 2017

24 HEURES DU MANS | 17:01:00

The № 8 Toyota has overtaken the № 1 Porsche to run second behind the № 7 Toyota, producing a Toyota one-two with the № 9 sister car running a lap down in fourth. I have no particular love for Toyota, & one of the world's largest automobile manufacturing firms is hardly a promising candidate for a scrappy underdog, but after last year's heartbreak only a stone-cold villain isn't rooting for the German-based Japanese outfit to earn their first overall win (after five second-place finishes).

The № 64 Corvette—piloted by Oliver Gavin, Tommy Miler, & Marcel Fässler—is running fourth in G.T.E. Pro, maybe third, because I think one of the Fords running ahead is out-of-sequence as far as pit stop strategy. To answer a question no one asked, yes, I am wearing my Corvette Racing "Take No Prisoners" T-shirt.

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