Sunday, June 11, 2017

Project BLACK MAMBA: Trinity Sunday

'Tis the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity: Trinity-link & Wikipedia-link.

Commentary: Wayback Machine. This is the third of four sequential Sundays that particularly illuminate various aspects of the mystery of salvation: Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity, & Corpus Christi.

Scripture of the Week
Mass Readings—Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
The Book of Exodus, chapter thirty-four, verses four(b) thru six, eight, & nine;
The Book of Daniel, chapter three, verses fifty-two, fifty-three, fifty-four, & fifty-five;
The Second Letter to the Corinthians, chapter thirteen, verses eleven, twelve, & thirteen;
The Gospel according to John, chapter three, verses sixteen, seventeen, & eighteen.

Commentary: Video Gospel reflection by Jeff Cavins: Encountering the Word.

Gospel reflection by Bishop Robert Barron (Word on Fire):
Friends, our Gospel for Trinity Sunday tells us that the Father sent his Son to save the world. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the Trinity is invoked by us every time we make the sign of the cross. This juxtaposition of Trinity and cross is by no means accidental. For the cross is the moment when the tensive unity of the three divine persons is on most vivid display.

The Father, in short, sent the Son all the way into time, history, and the human condition. But then the Father sent him further, into our sin and dysfunction, and finally all the way down into hatred, violence, rejection, and death itself.

Why would the Father have done such a terrible thing? Out of love. He wanted to bring the divine life even into the darkest places. He wanted to hunt us down. But notice, please, that what kept the Son tethered to the Father, even on his downward journey, was nothing other than the Holy Spirit, the love between the Father and the Son. And this is precisely why we are saved in the Holy Spirit.

Mass Journal: Week 24
Reflection by Matthew Kelly, founder of the Dynamic Catholic Institute:
I believe the best way to defend life is to celebrate life. I believe the best way to celebrate life is to live our own lives to the fullest—to embrace life with arms wide open, to lay our lives enthusiastically at the service of humanity, to love deeply the [persons] who cross our paths, & above all, to embrace our God. Life should never be wasted—not one moment—because life is precious. You can celebrate anything you wish. You can celebrate life & faith. You can celebrate love & honesty, mercy & forgiveness, kindness & generosity. You can celebrate truth, beauty, goodness, & redemption. On the other hand, you can celebrate hatred & violence, selfishness & greed, contempt & disrespect. You can celebrate perversion, corruption, pride, deceit, & condemnation. But one thing is certain: We become what we celebrate. This is one immutable truth found in the life of every person who has ever lived. We become what we celebrate. It is true not only of the life of a person but also of the life of a family. It is true of the life of a nation, & it is true of the life of the Church.

Otherwise, 11 June would be the festival of Saint Barnabas, Apostle (died circa 61): Apostle-link ┼źnus, Apostle-link duo, & Wikipedia-link.

Commentary: Wayback Machine.

'Twould also be the festival of Saint Paola Frassinetti, Religious (1809-1882), foundress of the Frassinetti Sisters, formally the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Dorothea: Saint-link & Wikipedia-link.

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