Monday, July 24, 2017

What's Eating The Last Angry Man?

A good & holy priest, the Reverend Gary McInnis, recently perished. One of my fellow Knights, who shall remain nameless as I do not wish to shame him, sent out texts messages misspelling Father McInnis's name as "McGinnis." I gently corrected him, via text message. This morning, at church, in front of several other persons, he loudly told me I was wrong, the name is McGinnis, because he "grew up on the same street with the family." What in the high holy heck does that have to do with anything? Am I the world's leading expert on the spelling of my neighbors' names simply because they are my neighbors? I know the proper spelling of McInnis from the late Father McInnis himself. But more to the point, I had corrected this fellow in private, via text message. He incorrectly corrected me in public, besmirching my good name in front of others! Even now, I want to protect his identity & thus his dignity. He afforded me no such courtesy, upbraiding me in public like that. No, he was not being deliberately cruel, he was just being rude, utterly thoughtless. He's a grown man, not a surly teenager; he has no excuse for such beastly manners.

I am sick & tired of know-nothing know-it-alls who don't know their arse from a hole in the ground, & make this known loudly & rudely. I am even more sick & tired of thoughtlessness as an excuse for uncouth behavior. You just didn't think? What kind of weak-sauce excuse is that! But, no, that's not what's eating The Last Angry Man, not really.

No, what's really eating The Last Angry Man is that I let this nonsense upset me. Why should the vainglorious—& factually incorrect—boasting of a simpleton bother me? I was right. I knew I was right; so, why did it irk me to be publicly scolded about supposedly being wrong? He made a fool of himself; in time, he had to eat crow & apologized for her haughty idiocy. No, he didn't really learn his lesson & he'll surely do it again, but why should that annoy me? I'm ticked at myself that I have made so little progress as a Christian, that I have so thoroughly failed to imitate the Divine Master in my interpersonal relationships. I should be better than this. The world is the place of woe & sorrow it is because I'm not better than this. I failed yet another test. That's what's eating The Last Angry Man.

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