Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Why is it that there is both a Batgirl and a Supergirl, but no Wonder Boy? Batman and Superman each have a younger male sidekick, Robin and Superboy, respectively, and so Wonder Woman has a younger female sidekick, Wonder Girl. Quid pro quo. But, so as to avoid the appearance of discrimination (and because the characters work... though Supergirl is in flux these days), they each also have a younger female sidekick, Batgirl and Supergirl. Yet where is Wonder Boy? Why is it that the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel had to let a girl into their "boys' clubs," but the Amazon Princess can maintain her matriarchy without being labelled a discriminator? Hmm? Hmm? Because it is okay to practice sexism against men, that's why. No peace until there is a Wonder Boy! (Of course, were there a Wonder Boy, he'd get mercilessly teased for joining the girls' club. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.)

Last night I was aware of a dream, which is an uncommon experience for me. Saturday Night Latham had been caught in some kind of accident so that his touch was lethal, like a comic book supervillain. For everyone's safety, he was kept in a big vat in my parent's massive living room, though in real life there is no room like this in my parents' house. This living room looked like something out of Goldfinger's lair, with the vast partially underground pit full of an extremely thick liquid where the coffe table should have been. Anyway, this girl I know from intramurals (I don't know her name, just her face) came up with an antidote to Saturday Night's condition. She poured it in the vat and then tried to touch him. I tried to stop her, because I thought it was still dangerous. Satruday Night came out and touched her. I was certain she'd die, but the antidote had worked! She and Saturday Night embraced and kissed a big Hollywood ending kiss. fin Dreams are weird. I mean, I wasn't even the star in this one!

Because I can connect anything to comic books, I should mention that Dreamer (secret identity: Nura Nal) is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the protectors of the 31st century. I love how many neat little nooks and cranies there are in the DC Universe. It's fabulous.

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