Monday, February 13, 2017

The Rebel Black Dot Anti-Valentine's Song of the Day

The Forces of Evil, "Independent" from Friend or Foe? (The Last Angry Man)

Skammentary: In your heart of hearts, you know you'll never feel more alone than when you're one half of a couple.
"Will you please hold my hand?
I can't, I'm independent!
I want to be your man.
You can't, I'm independent!…

"I'll call you on the phone.
You can't, I'm independent!
Let me know when you're home.
I can't, I'm independent!…

"I hate this game we're playing,
I can't hear what she's saying,
Telling me that she is right and I am always wrong,
Everything she does
Is only just because
She's clinically insane!…"

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