Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Rebel Black Dot Anti-Valentine's Song of the Day

Robert Preston, "The Sadder but Wiser Girl" from The Music Man: Original Soundtrack (The Last Angry Man)

Commentary: I do not applaud Professor Harold Hill's selfish, self-serving attitude—so typical of the modern, mutilated misconceptions of romance & sexuality—only his frankness about it.
"I snarl, I hiss,
How can ignorance be compared to bliss?
I spark, I fizz,
For the lady who knows what time it is.
I cheer and I rave
For the virtue I'm too late to save.
The sadder-but-wiser girl for me!…

"I flinch, I shy,
When the lass with the delicate air goes by.
I smile, I grin,
When the gal with a touch of sin walks in.
I hope and I pray
For Hester to win just one more A.
The sadder-but-wiser girl's the girl for me,
The sadder-but-wiser girl for me!"

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