Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello, Kitty

Diva has started to urinate outside of her litter box. This is distressing because if she does not stop, & soon, she will be consigned to the pound or put down at the veterinarian's office. Her littler box is the same as it has ever been, she's just stopped using it. She still defecates there, but in cleaning it out the last several times I've found little to no evidence of urination. Cease, leave, or perish—those are her options. Alas, she's a cat, & appeals to reason are lost on her; for her sake, I do so hope she's ill. She visits the vet to-morrow for diagnostic tests. She will certainly urinate in her cat carrier, as she always does, so maybe that will keep her from urinating on the living room carpet? Cease, leave, or perish.

The Rebel Black Dot Song of the Day
Victoria Justice, "Make It In America" via iTunes (T.L.A.M.)

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