Sunday, June 19, 2016

24 HEURES DU MANS | +09:44:00

I've had a nap, so I'm not as bleary-eyed as I was during the eleven o'clock Mass, but this is not to say that I yet have enough distance from the race for sober reflection. I feel sick for Toyota. I can't even get a proper hatred going for Ford's hollow victory in G.T.E. Pro.—& you know how much I revel in hating Ford—such is the shocking, just plain unfair nature of Toyota's defeat. I know that Le Mans can be cruel, but this really is too much! In the post-race, one of the Radio Le Mans chaps put it well: "Porsche didn't win it, Toyota lost it." Or, as the A.C.O. titled it, "Toyota, the Cursed": A.C.O.-link.

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