Monday, January 23, 2017


If there's ever a fifth season of Sherlock, I will not be watching. So much potential, squandered so thoroughly, so swiftly, & so needlessly! "The Reichenbach Fall" would have been a disappointing end to the entire series, but at least it would have left me with fond memories of the whole enterprise. As it stands, the awfulness of series four (& series three, & the New Year's special) is so profound that it is retroactively poisoning my appreciation for series one & two.

"A Study in Pink"
"The Blind Banker"
"The Great Game"

"A Scandal in Belgravia"
"The Hounds of Baskerville"
"The Reichenbach Fall"

Commentary: It's better to burn out than to fade away.

"The Empty Hearse"
"The Sign of Three"
"His Last Vow"

"The Abominable Bride"

"The Six Thatchers"
"The Lying Detective"
"The Final Problem"

The phenomenal awfulness of the fourth series of Sherlock has also made up my mind about Doctor Who: I shan't watch the upcoming tenth series, despite the 2016 Christmas special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio," being the best outing in the Twelfth Doctor's staggeringly uninteresting tenure. (Or maybe second best; "Mummy on the Orient Express" was pretty decent.)

I'll never again watch any production in which Stephen Moffat is involved, if I'm aware of such involvement. I'm not rushing to judgment; Moffat's already had second, third, & fourth chances. Life is too short, too exquisitely precious to waste one's time on drivel.

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