Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bonus! Song o' the Day: SKAugust

Mustard Plug, "Skank by Numbers" (live) from Skapocalypse Now! (The Last Angry Rude Boy)

Skammentary: This live recording of "Skank by Numbers," a studio version of which appeared on 1993's Big Daddy Multitude, was not featured on the original '92 release of Skapocalypse Now!, but on the post-Summer of Ska '98 re-release. In '92, I had no idea that such a thing as ska existed; my world was rapidly expanding in those halcyon days of the late '90s, when ska-punk was in full bloom.
"One: Get off your seat,
Two: Stomp your boots to the beat,
Three: With your knees in the air,
Four: You better beware!…"

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