Sunday, June 18, 2017

24 HEURES DU MANS | 4:57:00

With just under five hours to go, the contest in G.T.E. pro is fierce, a relentless cut & thrust across nineteen hours with five cars from five different marques still on the lead lap, covered by less than two minutes. The action is fast & furious 'twixt Aston Martin (№ 97), Corvette (№ 63), Porsche (№ 91), Ford (№ 67), & Ferrari (№ 71). Who will win? No one can say. 'Tis the very definition of thrilling & the very antithesis of L.M.P.1, which not so many years was the central attraction of the whole show.

How did the top-flight prototype category go so wrong? Hubris, I say, with the governing body & the big manufacturers more interested in advancing a political agency than in producing a spirited race. ("Green" technology that revolves around the toxic manufacture & polluting disposal of poisonous batteries is the height of environmental hypocrisy!) But I digress.

Let's go, Corvette!

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