Monday, November 21, 2016

The Explorers' Club, № DXXIV

Operation AXIOM: The World War—The Battle of the Somme, Part VIII
13-18 November 1916: The Battle of the Ancre—The British attack was proceeded by a seven-day artillery barrage & the detonation of a second huge mine beneath the Hawthorn Ridge Redoubt; fog & mud slowed the infantry's advance & the fog limited air aupport; German casualties were heavy, including many prisoners; the British reckoned 18 November the formal last day of the Somme.

The Wayback Machine Tour of the Battle of the Somme
№ DIV: The Mines on the First Day of the Somme (Part I)
№ DV: The Battle of Albert—20,000 Dead on the First Day (Part II)
№ DVI: The Battle of Bazentin Ridge (Part III)
№ DXI: The Battle of Delville Wood (Part IV)
№ DXVI: The Battle of Fleurs-Courcelette—tanks debuted as weapons of war (Part V)
№ DXVII: The Battles of Thiepval Ridge, Le Transloy, & the Ancre Heights (Part VI)
№ DXXIII: Hector Hugh Munro, the writer Saki (Part VII)

Lest we forget.

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