Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Victors: The Losers

(№ 2) Ohio State 30-27 Michigan (№ 3) (2 O.T.)
10-2, B1G 7-2

I do not want any harm to come to Wilton Speight. I do not wish him ill-fortune in his future endeavors. I do not doubt his loyalty to the University of Michigan, the deathless loyalty of which Fielding Yost spoke. No one should direct threats of any kind at him, demean him, damage his property, or in any other way react abhorrently as too many supposed Michigan fans did to Blake O'Neill's role in the Michigan State punt disaster in 2015.

All that said, the fact remains that Wilton Speight is a loser. I do not mean in life. I hope he has a long & happy life full of success & fulfillment. But in football, he's a loser; he cannot take the pressure of big games. Fatally, that cannot be coached away. With Speight under center, we went 1-2 in November, the victory an easy home win over an outmatched Maryland club, the defeats both road games against Iowa & Ohio State. In both games, Speight played terribly. He choked phenomenally against the hated Buckeyes, personally accounting for three turnovers—two interceptions (that lead to 14 of Ohio State's 17 regulation-time points) & a goal line fumble that cost Michigan probable points, at least a field goal if not a touchdown. Lots of Michigan players did lots of things to lose today's game, but no player on either club did more to assure Ohio State's victory than Michigan quarterback Wilton Speight.

It is my sincere hope that Wilton Speight never plays another down in a Michigan uniform. He's a loser, & not even Coach Harbaugh's legendary quarterback-whispering ability can coach that essential fact out of Speight. Winners are not always the most physically gifted players—would anyone say Tom Brady is the most talented quarterback in the No Fun league? Of course not, but Brady is a winner. Whatever Speight's physical gifts, he's a loser. He is incapable of performing in high-pressure situations, in big games against consequential foes. I wish him well, but I want never again to see him in uniform as a valiant Wolverine.

Go Blue!

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