Thursday, March 9, 2017

Project BLACK MAMBA: Lent

'Tis the Optional Memorial of Saint Frances of Rome, Religious, Obl.S.B. (1384-1440), foundress of the Oblates of Saint Frances of Rome: Saint-link ūna, Saint-link duae, & Wikipedia-link; Wikipedia-link Oblates.

Commentary: Wayback Machine. Quoth the Holy Redeemer bulletin:
Frances of Rome, Obl.S.B., is an Italian saint who was a wife, mother, mystic, organizer of charitable services, & a Benedictine oblate who founded a religious community of oblates, who share a common life without religious vows.
'Tis also the festival of Saint Bosa of York, Bishop, O.S.B. (died circa 705): Saint-link & Wikipedia-link.

'Tis also the festival of Saint Dominic Savio, Confessor (1842-1857): Saint-link ūnus, Saint-link duo, & Wikipedia-link.

Commentary: My sources are at loggerheads when it comes to St. Dominic's festival, with 9 March, 10 March, 6 May, & ever 9 October all claimed, each describing some of the others dates as out-of-date. St. Dominic died on 9 March, with the date of death traditionally assigned as a saint's festal day; so, here we are. Quoth the Holy Family bulletin (for 10 March):
Born into a peasant family at Riva, Italy, young Dominic joined Saint John Bosco (31 January) as a student at the Oratory in Turin at the age of twelve. He impressed Don Bosco with his desire to be a priest & to help him in his work with neglected boys. A peacemaker & an organizer, young Dominic founded a group he called the Company of the Immaculate Conception which, besides being devotional, aided John Bosco with the boys & with manual work. All the members, save one, Dominic, would in 1859 join Don Bosco in the beginnings of his Salesian congregation.
Scripture of the Day
Mass Readings
The Book of Esther, chapter C, verses twelve, fourteen fifteen, sixteen, twenty-three, twenty-four, & twenty-five;
Psalm One Hundred Thirty-eight, verses one, two, three, & seven(c) thru eight;
The Gospel according to Matthew, chapter seven, verses seven thru twelve.

Commentary: The episode of What's in the Bible? with Buck Denver rebroadcast this week on CatholicTV was focused on the Book of Esther. Spooky timing! Yes, What's in the Bible? with Buck Denver is a children's show, with puppets. Yes, I am thirty-seven years old. What's your point?

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