Monday, March 6, 2017

The Rebel Black Dot Irish Song o' the Day

Séamus Ennis, "Rainy Day/First You Must Learn the Grip" Green Linnet Records: The Twentieth Anniversary Collection (The Last Angry Irishman)

Commentary: My presumption is that "Rainy Day" is the name of the song played before Séamus Ennis's dialogue, "First You Must Learn the Grip." Between the use of slang—referring to self-important folklore scholars the the "folklordy-lordy themselves"—& the potential use of Irish-language words & proper nouns, the precise meaning of much of "First You Must Learn the Grip" can only be guessed at, but the gist is readily apparent.
"You know, there's an awful lot to be said about this Irish traditional folk music and folklore. Because, first of all, you have to learn it. And first you must learn the talk, and then you must learn the grip, and after that you must learn the truckley-howl (?), and then you have the whole lot, only to just keep on practicing it. Because, uh, Séamus Ennis knows far about this than even the old folklordy-lordy themselves. Because Séamus Ennis once met a little leprechauny-truckley-howl (?, again) at the bottom of the garden doth (?) and up the garden path, while came up from that in the Limeretty-Limeretty hillockles (?). Before the earthian throne (?), before the leprechaun era, and long before the Argy-farey (?). And that was in the deep 'pon doom, before the Emerald Isle was ever dropped *plop! plop!* in the water."

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