Friday, July 8, 2016

The Rebel Black Dot Song of the Day!

The Aquabats!, "The Shark Fighter!" from Hi-Five Soup! (Captain Thumbs Up!)

Commentary: The was an episode of The Aquabats! Super Show! titled "The Shark Fighter!" It was, as were all the episodes of The Aquabats! Super Show!, super. Below is a screen-capture of the eponymous Shark Fighter fighting sharks.
"I'm a shark fighter, I fight sharks!
I fight 'em in the water 'cause that's where they are…

"I had a girl who was precious to me,
But a shark took her away, you see.
Now I fight sharks not for money,
But for love, and that ain't funny, yo.
And here's why:
I will avenge my lady with my life,
Or until I die in a fight
Against the underwater army of the night…

"His only goal is a shark casserole!
His only creed is to make sharks bleed!
He is not mean, he's just getting even,
He will not die 'til all sharks–

"I gots me a knife,
A bandana, and a topaz necklace,
Yeah, I'm extremely reckless,
I ride an otter like a motorcycle.
Yeah, I'm not kidding, man…"

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