Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Rebel Black Dot Song of the Lord's Day

William Shatner, "You'll Have Time" from Has Been (The Last Angry Man)

Commentary: Not an explicitly religious song, but apropos all the same, methinks.
"Live life!
Live life like you're gonna die,
Because you're gonna.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news,
But you're gonna die.
Maybe not today or even next year,
But before you know it you'll be saying,
'Is this all there was?
'What was all the fuss?
'Why did I bother?'

"Now maybe you won't suffer,
Maybe it's quick,
But you'll have time to think,
'Why did I waste it?
'Why didn't I taste it?'
You'll have time,
'Cause you're gonna die.

"Yes, it's gonna happen because it's happened to a lot of people I know,
My mother, my father, my loves,
The president, the kings, and the pope,
They all had hope,
And they muttered, just before they went,
'Maybe I won't go.'
Live life like you're gonna die,
Because you are…

"Have I convinced you,
Do you read my lips?
This may come as news, but it's time:
You're gonna die.
You're gonna die.
By the time you hear this,
I may well be dead,
And you, my friend, might be next,
'Cause we're all gonna die, yeah…"

"Lung cancer,
Drug overdose,
Choke on a chicken bone,
Hit by a lightning bolt,
Spider bite,
Airplane crash,
Car wreck,
A cap in your ass."

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