Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Rebel Black Dot Summer Songs of the Day

Cake, "Long Line of Cars" from Comfort Eagle (The Last Angry Man)

Commentary: Spare a thought—or, better yet, a prayer—for the poor souls stuck in crawling traffic headed Up North this holiday weekend. As I was driving south from a week spent in scenic Frankfort, Michigan (pictured below) with my nearest kin, my heart went out to those ensnared bumper-to-bumper in the jammed northbound lanes of Interstate 75.

Feitag, 1. Juli
Sam Cooke, "Summertime, Pt. 1" via iTunes (The Last Angry Man)

Commentary: A cover of Gershwin's song from Porgy and Bess, not one of the innumerable other songs also titled "Summertime."

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