Friday, May 13, 2016

Project BLACK MAMBA: Eastertide

'Tis the Optional Memorial of Our Lady of Fátima (apparitions 13 May-13 October 1917): Our Lady-link ūna, Our Lady-link duae, & Wikipedia-link.

Commentary: Quoth the Holy Redeemer bulletin:
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Fátima is based on apparitions reported to have been experienced in 1917 by three shepherd children at Fátima, Portugal. (Lucia & her cousins Jacinta & Francisco.)
I daily pray the "Fátima Prayer":
O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell. Lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy.
It is because of the beauty of this prayer that I am glad the commentary in our first hyperlink mentions the offensive nuttiness that often masquerades under the name of "Fátima," delusions of apocalypses & apostasies about which Our Lady said nought to the three blessed visionaries. One of those superstitious souls leaves literature in Holy Redeemer's perpetual adoration chapel, terrifying nonsense that praises the murderous Vladimir Putin, president-cum-strongman of the Russian Federation, as the only hope for peace & justice in the world, as if the man himself was not a fount of war & injustice. These false "Fátima" doomsayers are probably enthusiastic Trumpkins.

'Tis also the feast of Saint Peter de Regelado, Priest, O.F.M. (1390-1456): Saint-link & Wikipedia-link.

Scripture of the Day
Mass Readings
The Acts of the Apostles, chapter twenty-five, verses thirteen(b) thru twenty-one;
Psalm One Hundred Three, verses one, two, eleven, twelve, nineteen, & twenty(a,b);
The Gospel according to John, chapter twenty-one, verses fifteen thru nineteen;

or, for Our Lady of Fátima:
The Book of Isaiah, chapter sixty-one, verses nine thru eleven;
Psalm Forty-five, verses eleven;
The Gospel according to Luke, chapter eleven, verses twenty-seven & twenty-eight.

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