Monday, October 31, 2016

The Rebel Black Dot Song of Hallowe'en

That Handsome Devil, "Twist the Knife" via iTunes (from The Heart Goes to Heaven, the Head Goes to Hell) (The Last Angry Man)

Commentary: A darkly comedic ballad of love gone murderously wrong, akin to Spike Jones's "My Old Flame" which is replete with a Peter Lorre impersonation (a Hallowe'en R.D.B.S.O.T.D. in 2012). I was introduced to "Twist the Knife" by Jojo, my long lost pal whom I saw, briefly, over the summer, only for her to disappear again into the jealously possessive (one suspects though hopes not abusive) clutches of another unworthy, scumbag boyflesh. Happy Hallowe'en, ladies & ghouls!
"I see that look in your eyes and I hide the crooked knives.
The arsenic made me nauseous, but I love a good surprise.
It's 'til death do up part, I wouldn't lie, my pudding pie,
But I could speed that process up, now couldn't I?

"Get love and hate confused, can't separate the two,
O my love, how I've hated you!

"I say it's over (It's over!)
This time we're through (We're through!)
But I go crazy when I'm not with you.
They call me lonely (You're lonely!)
They say I'm blue (Boo hoo hoo hoo!)
But I go crazy when I'm not with you."

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