Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Explorers' Club, № DXXVIII

Operation AXIOM: The World War—The Battle of Verdun, Part VI
15-17 December 1916: The "Second Offensive"—Again preceded by a six-day artillery bombardment, French infantry attacked, finding two-thirds of the German defenders still sheltering from the creeping barrage; 13,000-plus men & over a hundred heavy guns were captured; Verdun was a defeat for the Germans & a victory for the French, but the morale & discipline of the French army was crumbling.

The Wayback Machine Tour of the Battle of Verdun
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№ DI: The Siege & Capture of Fort Vaux (Part IV)
№ DXX: The "First Offensive" Recaptures Forts Douaumont & Vaux (Part V)

Lest we forget.

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