Sunday, June 15, 2014

24 Heures du Mans | 01:02:00

Missing the middle ten hours of the race, this year's magnificent race almost feels like one of my early Le Manses, when I wasted the night slumbering, missing the riveting ebb & flow of the race. I missed the eerie darkness, the dawn, the sunrise, the exhausted euphoria & false hope of "happy hour," the first hour of sunlight when all are simply glad that the baleful dark has past, before the cold realization sets in that there are still eight or nine hours of hard racing ahead, hours during which anything could & quite possibly would go awry. It was all there to be seen on Fox Sports 2, but not by me. Alas!

All the leading contenders in L.M. P.1 have had mechanical troubles, but Audi leads having suffered less serious mechanical troubles than Toyota & Porsche, each of whom has seen a car retire due to unreliability, whereas the only Audi out of the race was crashed out by a wildly spinning Toyota. Things are equally close in L.M. P.2, though the stakes are lower since all the front runners, though utilizing different chassis, use the same Nissan engines. The quasi factory Ferrari is leading G.T.E. Pro., with the lead 911 & the lead Corvette battling for second. The all-Dane squad, racing in part in tribute to the late Allan Simonsen, looks comfortably atop G.T.E. Am.

I'm knackered, but supremely happy. Sweet fancy Moses, I love this race!

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