Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Rebel Black Dot Song o' the Day: SKApril!

The Hippos, "Celebrate" from Forget the World (The Last Angry Rude Boy)

Skammentary: How unexpected & surprising, a ska-punk song about romance gone wrong!
"So go out and get with any guy you find,
Every day I grow farther from you,
Don't come crawling back when we get signed,
Don't you think that I found something new?
I'm finished with you.

"I celebrate, I celebrate,
My days of hate, my days of hate,
'Cause now I see
That you're nothing to me…"
Also, The Hippos are SKApril All-Stars & "Celebrate" is one of their best songs. It was actually unexpected & surprising, in preparing for SKApril '17, to discover that "Celebrate" had not already been highlighted. Yahtzee!

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