Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Rebel Black Dot Song o' the Day: SKApril!

Be Like Max, "You Don't Know Me" from Against All Odds (The Last Angry Rude Boy)

Skammentary: Be Like Max must have been children, wee bairns during the Summer of Ska, 1997. (I'm old! I'm fluxing Methuselah!) Their Bandcamp webpage proudly declares, "Las Vegas Ska/Punk still exists!" We must keep the torch of third-wave ska burning until the fourth wave comes along.
"Your mind's made up so why the fuck
Should I defend the way I think?
All I want to be is left alone,
When people have to lie to find a story.

"You don't know me!
You don't know me!
You don't know me!…"

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