Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Rebel Black Dot Song o' the Day: SKApril!

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra featuring Asian Kung-Fu Generation, "Wake Up!" from Ska Me Forever (The Last Angry Man)

Skammentary: Quoth your humble narrator, the last time "Wake Up!" was the R.B.D.S.O.T.D.:
With the exception of the words "Wake up" & the closely related "So, wake up," the lyrics of "Wake Up!" are in Japanese, so I have only a vague notion of what the song is about. Surprising perhaps, given how verbal a fellow I am, but this lack of clarity does nothing to diminish my fondness for "Wake Up!" Anyone care to entertain any claptrap about music being a universal language?
I don't understand the lyrics of "Wake Up!" any better now than I did then (February last), but then as now I love the music video for the song: YouTube-link. Nor can I tell you which of the dozen or so cats in most of the shots are members of the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra & which are members of Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

Sweet fancy Moses, I love SKApril!

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