Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Rebel Black Dot Song o' the Day: SKApril!

The Loose Ties, "OK, Sure" from Champ of the Week (The Last Angry Rude Boy)

Skammentary: Don't stop skanking. Even when it feels like the sky is falling, don't stop skanking. We skank when we're joyous, to make the most of the moment. We skank when we're devastated, to remind ourselves that this too shall pass, or at least to try & convince ourselves that we believe that. In all cases, ska kid, be you rude boy or rude girl, don't stop skanking.
"One! Two! One, two, three, four!

"Have you ever had one of those days?
Has it ever felt like no other day at all?
Has it ever been so perfect?
Has it ever felt like it was so right?
Then you came to find out
That one day it was all gone.

"Maybe you will see
What could have been,
No, you won't see
That we were more than friends.

"O.K. (Sure!) I'm be all right,
O.K. (Sure!) I'll be just fine,
O.K. (Sure!) Everything is great,
O.K. (Sure!) I'll just keep living this lie…

"I wonder what it will be like
When I see you and know you are not mine…"

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