Sunday, March 2, 2003

Great Caesar's ghost, I can watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in my own home! This is a dream come true. I love Star Trek. I has been a profound influence on my life, and one of the single most important things in my life. Given the choice of never watching Star Trek ever again or never seeing a given individual ever again, the person loses nearly every time. Of all the various incarnations of Star Trek, the single greatest is DS9. And now I have the first season DVD boxset. Angels and saints be praised.

Commander Benjamin Sisko! Major Kira Nerys! Lieutenant Jadzia Dax! Doctor Julian Bashir! Chief Miles O'Brien! Constable Odo! Quark! Jake Sisko! And already we're seen Rom, Nog, Morn (as yet unnamed), and Gul Dukat! By the time it's over, the shape of the universe will have changed. Amazing.

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