Friday, March 21, 2003

I've got Reel Big Fish in my headphones, my Bosstones softball shirt on, and, downstairs, the Donald Rumsfeld War Machine live on TV; what a time to be alive.

Good news, everyone, according to Saturday Night Latham, terrorists are going to receive a huge surge in "recuritment" due to the war in Iraq. By implication, then, he is saying that all terrorist attacks are caused by us; the terrorists are not responsible, they are just responding to American policies. Huh, that's quite a theory. Truly amazing, just eighteen months after 9/11, and we've already gone back to the idiotic mentalities that allowed that attack to happen in the first place. God bless the American people, fools that they are.

Also, SNL, you'll be pleased to know that just yesterday, good ol' Ari said that France was a long time ally of the United States and had been a great help in the war on terror. But that doesn't mean they dictate American foreign policy. You may want to cede our national sovereignty to the United Nations, but unfortunately there is a little thing called the Constitution that prohibits that.

Linz sez I need to start watching Six Feet Under because I like Peter Krause. True, I do feel a great affection for the man's work as Casey McCall on Sports Night, but on the other hand I hate HBO. Hmmm, quite the conundrum.

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