Thursday, March 20, 2003

I would remind my friend Saturday Night Latham that although Ted Williams was a Marine, serving in both the Second World War and Korea, we still had the World Series during both those conflicts. Not to be overly melodramatic, but one of the things our legions are fighting for is the right of every American to sit back on his fat can, in safety and security, and watch the road to the Final Four.

When is the next Starman trade paperback going to come out? I have issues nos. 0-53 as the trade paperbacks Sins of the Father, Night and Day, A Wicked Inclination..., Times Past, Infernal Devices, To Reach the Stars, and A Starry Knight and nos. 61-80, the glorious finale, as individual issues. All I need is that one last collection to fill in the gap between the end of Jack's* trek through the stars and the epic battle of the "Grand Guignol" storyline. Starman, my friends, was not just another superhero comic book. It was a true novel in pictures complete with, since it was still a comic book, the occasional cameo by Batman and Superman. I would recommend it to everyone, especially those who enjoy books but don't read comics.

*The most recent Starman was Jack Knight, son of Ted Knight, the original Starman. Jack never wanted to be Starman, but through a series of adventures, meeting with both triumph and defeat, he came to embrace the legacy and finally understand his father. But, in the end, being Starman didn't define him as a person, and Jack laid down the cosmic rod in order to be with the woman he loved and raise his son, Teddy. He passed on the rod to Courtney Whitmore (a.k.a. The Star-Spangled Kid) whose destiny has yet to be written, and drove off into the sunset.

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