Monday, August 2, 2004

Hello, Kitty
Great Poseidon, Sam must have been ignored while I was away. He's looking better (the heart and liver medicines are working), but was anxious for attention as soon as I walked in the door. Poor Sammy, I doubt he was given any cheese all weekend. Of course, he'll hate me when I take him back to the vet this week, but that's only because he has a walnut-sized brain and cannot appreciate the necessity of short-term unhappiness for long-term health.

Vetting the 'Vette
This weekend, without consulting my mother, my father finalized the purchase of a fixer-upper '76 Corvette. This is the second automobile he has bought in the last four months, neither time discussing the purchase with my mom, nor even mentioning it to her before buying the vehicle. Meine Vater is like an instruction manuel for what not to do in a marriage.

His cars, from most to least recently purchased (all Chevrolets):
1976 Corvette Stingray (2004)
1995 Caprice Stationwagon "Woody" (2004)
1995 Impala SS (1999)
1995 Lumina (1995)
1986 Celebrity "the Mousemobile" (1993)
1988 Astro "The Last Angry Van" (1988)
1985 Camero Z28 IROC (1985)

Now, bear in mind that only one of these vehicles fits in our garage, the Camero, which has not been drivable since the summer of 2000. The remainder of the garage is devoted to various Camero-related apparatus.

Five For Fighting

Apropos of spending three nights in New York City and going drinking each night...
Have a bombed night.

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