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Saints + Scripture: III Sunday of Easter (Pascha)

'Tis the Third Sunday of Easter (Latin: Pascha, meaning "Passover"): Pascha-link & Wikipedia-link Paschaltide.

The Popish Plot: vEaster
"Churchy Stuff in the Time of Quarantine, Part 1"

Death without the Eucharist: Day 40
He was forty days dying & not yet dead.

Scripture of the Day
Mass Readings—Third Sunday of Easter
The Acts of the Apostles, chapter two, verses fourteen & twenty-two thru thirty-three;
Psalm Sixteen (R/. eleven[a]), verses one & two; five, seven, & eight; nine & ten; & eleven;
The First Letter of Peter, chapter one, verses seventeen thru twenty-one;
The Gospel according to Luke, chapter twenty-four, verses thirteen thru thirty-five.

Commentary: Reflection by Bishop Robert Barron (Word on Fire):
Friends, in today’s Gospel Jesus joins two disciples on the road to Emmaus, but they do not recognize him. In the course of their conversation he opens the Scriptures to them, disclosing the great biblical patterns that make sense of the “things” that they have witnessed. The interpretive key is none other than his own suffering and death, his willingness to go to the limits of godforsakenness in order to save those who had wandered from the divine love.

And through this process they begin to understand the Bible in its totality, and their hearts burn within them. The two disciples press him to stay with them as they draw near the town of Emmaus. Jesus sits down with them, takes bread, says the blessing, breaks it, and gives it to them—and in that moment they recognize him.

The ultimate means by which we understand Jesus Christ is not the Scriptures but the Eucharist, for the Eucharist is Christ himself, personally and actively present. The embodiment of the Paschal Mystery, the Eucharist is Jesus’ love for the world unto death, his journey into godforsakenness in order to save the most desperate of sinners, his heart broken open in compassion.
Video reflection by Father Greg Friedman, O.F.M. (U.S.C. of Catholic Bishops): Sunday Reflection.

Video Reflection by Father John Ricciardo (Acts XXIX): Sunday Reflection.

Audio reflection by Scott Hahn, Ph.D. (St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology): Breaking the Bread.

Scripture Study—The 3:16 Project
The Letter to Philemon, verse sixteen.
…no longer as a slave but more than a slvave, as a beloved brother, especially to me but how much more to you, both in the flesh & in the Lord.
Commentary: Saint Paul's letter to Saint Philmon isn't divided into chapters, merely twenty-five verses. Above is the only verse sixteen in the document.

Otherwise, 26 April would be the festival of Our Lady of Good Counsel: Madonna-link & Wikipedia-link.

Commentary: Wayback Machine.

'Twould also be the festival of Saint Cletus, Pope & Martyr (circa 25-89, A.K.A. Anacletus), third (III) Bishop of Rome (76-89), martyred in the reign of the Roman emperor Domitian, venerated in the Roman Canon (A.K.A. Eucharistic Prayer I): Martyr-link ūnus, Martyr-link duo, & Wikipedia-link; Pontifex-link & Wikipedia-link Pontifex; & Canon-link & Wikipedia-link Canon.

'Twould also be the festival of Saint Marcellinus, Pope & Martyr (died circa 304), twenty-ninth (XXIX) Bishop of Rome (296-304), martyred in the reign of the Roman emperors Diocletian & Maximian, a victim of the Great Persecution (303-313): Martyr-link ūnus, Martyr-link duo, & Wikipedia-link; Pontifex-link & Wikipedia-link Pontifex; & Persecutions-link & Wikipedia-link Great Persecution.

'Twould also be the festival of Saint Paschasius Radbertus, Deacon & Abbot, O.S.B. (circa 785-865), abbot of Corbie Abbey (844-851): Saint-link & Wikipedia-link; Abbey-link Corbie & Wikipedia-link Corbie.

'Twould also be the festival of Saint Stephen of Perm, Bishop (1340-1396, the "Apostle of the Permians"), Bishop of Perm (1376-1396): Saint-link ūnus, Saint-link duo, & Wikipedia-link.

'Twould also be the festival of Saint Rafael Arnáiz Barón, Religious, O.S.C.O. (1911-1938): Saint-link & Wikipedia-link.

'Twould also be the festival of Blessed Stanislaw Kubista, Priest & Martyr, S.V.D. (1898-1940), martyred in the reign of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, one of the One Hundred Eight Blessed Polish Martyrs: Martyr-link & Wikipedia-link; Martyrs-link Polska & Wikipedia-link Polska.

Papal Quote o' the Day
"Every believer ought to be an acgive member of the Church. Every catholic lay person is invested with the right & has the duty to work in order to testify to & spread the Kingdom of God."
—Pope St. Paul VI (1897-1978, r. 1963-1978; feast: 29 May)
Saint Quote o' the Day
"Our entire good consists not only in accepting the truth of God's word, but in persevering in it."
—St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church (1567-1622, feast: 24 January)

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