Friday, April 3, 2020

The Rebel Black Dot Song o' the Day: SKApril X

Unsteady, "Rockstar (Nevagonnabearockstar)" from Double or Nothing (Rude Boy Mike Papa Whiskey)

Skammentary: Unsteady are an old-school Asian Man Records band, furnishing a song for the very first SKApril in the long, long ago of 2011, yet "Rockstar" is only their third contribution to SKApril. "Rockstar (Nevagonnabearockstar)" is of a piece with much of Reel Big Fish's sarcastic musings on fame & commercial success, though somewhat more earnest.
"No, I'm never gonna be a rockstar,
With a girl on both my arms,
With a white stretched limousine, hot tub in the back!
No, I'm never gonna be a rockstar,
Won't succumb to the industry's charms,
And they're never gonna give me a million-dollar contract!

"You may think that I'm selfish,
Just a greedy, pompous ass,
But I don't take life for granted,
'Cause it slips away too fast,
I've you'd only get to know me,
I think, as aware of my head as I am,
No, I'm never gonna be a rockstar,
'Cause I don't believe,
I don't believe in that!…"
What a wonderfully novel idea, to make the music that stirs your soul, not just the music that will sell!

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