Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Rebel Black Dot Song o' the Day: SKAugust

Catch 22, "Keasbey Nights" from Keasbey Nights (Rude Boy Mike Papa Whiskey*)

Skammentary: I'm feeling neither particularly paranoid nor persecuted, neither threatened nor threatening, yet "Keasbey Nights" is the song merrily bouncing through my head.
"When they come for me I'll be sitting at my desk,
With a gun in my hand wearing a bulletproof vest,
Singing, 'My, my, my, how the time does fly
'When you know you're gonna die by the end of the night!'…"
*Code Name: CHAOS
Over the years, my code name/pseudonym has gone back & forth between my nickname, The Last Angry Man, & the N.A.T.O. phonetic alphabet code words for my initials, Mike Papa Whiskey. In this present moment, our society appears to be descending into a bottomless maelstrom of anger; our culture is degenerating into coarseness & vulgarity under this torrent of angry mercilessness. Our often aimless anger is making it harder & harder for us to forgive one another. I'm not so deluded with grandeur that I think calling myself "The Last Angry Man" contributes much to this poisonous cultural atmosphere, yet at the same time in said atmosphere it seems imprudent to be calling myself "The Last Angry Man." I cannot say with any accuracy how long I'll prefer "Mike Papa Whiskey," but for the time being I do prefer it.

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